Net Price Calculator

This calculator is intended to estimate net price for an individual, first-time, full-time freshmen, and may not be relevant for special tuition rate programs and is not relevant for graduate students, part-time students, transfer students, or international students. Our calculator excludes assistance from private sources and institutional athletic aid.

In 2016-2017, 95% of fall 2016 full-time new freshmen received
Adelphi aid in the form of university grants or scholarships.

So go ahead and run your information through our Net Price Calculator if you wish to obtain an idea of what you may be expected to pay should you choose to enroll at Adelphi.

Please provide the following information. Answer the questions as accurately as you can. Your responses will be used to calculate an estimated amount that students like you paid after grants and scholarships. This information will not be saved, so if you wish, you may print the screens to save for your records.

Step 1 — Determination of Dependency Status

(Answer "yes" if you are separated but not divorced.)

Step 2 — Estimated Academic Scholarship

* Based on the New SAT
Yes      No

Step 3 — Estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Note: If you already know your estimated EFC, enter it in the text box below.
If you do not know your EFC, you will need the following to complete the EFC calculator:

  • Your most recent year federal income tax forms.
  • Records of untaxed income.
  • Records of all assets.

This link will help you calculate your estimated family contribution:

  • When asked to Pick a Formula choose Federal Methodology
  • Before exiting the EFC calculator, make a note of your Total Estimated FM Contribution.
  • Return to this page to enter your Total Estimate FM Contribution in the text box below.

Summary: Academic Year: 2016-2017

a. Estimated tuition and fees  
b. Estimated room and board  
c. Estimated books and supplies  
d. Estimated other expenses  

Your estimated Out-of-Pocket Expense


Remember, your actual awards may be higher or lower and your Net Price can be different than this estimate.

Estimated cost of attendance is based on full-time undergraduate tuition and fees (12-17 credits per semester), double room and average meal plan for resident students, and other expenses.

Generally, qualified merit aid recipients receive more than the median gift aid indicated in this Federal Net Price Calculator.

Based on your personal profile and your estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) you can derive an approximation of the amount of “gift aid” (aid that does not have to be repaid) that a student with your profile could potentially receive.

You will receive your official federally-calculate EFC after you submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Don’t stop at the NPC since our expert Financial Aid Representatives can provide additional information that may impact your personal situation. No online calculator can substitute for the personal attention you deserve.

Visit our website at for more detailed financial aid information.

Again, there is no substitute for meeting with one of our Financial Aid Representatives to discuss your personal financial aid eligibility.

* This scholarship and grant calculator may not be relevant for students other than First Year Freshmen.